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SAHARA for Life Trust

SAHARA stands for 


Aimed at

Health and

Awareness in

Remote Areas


Sahara for Life Trust is the NGO that serves in health sectors and create awareness in the people of the remote areas of Pakistan. Basically, Sahara was a project that enabled me to build a hospital in Narrowal in the memory of my late parents. The hospital is based in Narrowal which is my hometown and provides free treatment to many under privileged people.  Our next step is to build a Medical College which will be affiliated with the hospital and this project will be underway from next year onwards.


Mission statement

To serve and facilitate the underserved, underprivileged and deprived population of Pakistan, through provision of health, education and livelihood services.

Sahara for Life Trust is dedicated to provide quality health care, educational, relief , rehabilitation  and livelihood services that are accessible and cost effective the people residing in remote areas of Pakistan. We actively partner with community to improve the health of people in rural and semi-urban areas.