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During my time at Aitchison, I became quite interested in poetry and decided to enter the world of glamour by releasing my first song album, Billo De Ghar. My album proved to be a success not only in Pakistan but around the globe, which influenced me to resign from Aitchison and take singing as a full time career.

Being a singer took me around the world with my first live concert in Vancouver, Canada, where I was not only welcomed by Pakistani crowd but also greeted by the huge Sikh and Hindu community from the sub-continent. I was appreciated by international community and it proved to be another unique experience of my life as it was my first interaction with international diaspora. I believe it was moment of pride for me and my country that I was recognized globally.

I believe in quality than in quantity therefore, I have only six albums to my credit. However, these six albums have sold on record-breaking numbers. I have the privilege to declare that my CDs had the highest number of sold CDS to date in Pakistan, along with attracting the highest number of audiences counting up to two hundred thousand people.

I, also, feel much honored to declare that I have received maximum number of awards and looking at the lighter side enticing maximum number of controversies for my songs as well. My last album was sold for 25 million Pakistani rupees which made me the highest paid artist in the history of Pakistani music as it is currently the highest recordI am releasing my new album soon In sha Allah and hoping it will get the good response like my previous albums from the public. I believe that people of Pakistan need entertainment more than ever before to come out of the constant depression that they have been into for a very long time for the incompetence of our governments and this is one of the main reasons that took me back to music.