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6th April , Busy day in Narowal, gearing up for baldiati elections inshAllah

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  1. I've been suffering

    Posted by Najet on 14th May 2015

    I've been suffering with my Muslim man for years. I am white. I don't drink ever smoke or go to clubs. He still has no resecpt for my feelings body or decisions. He resecpts his male family members and make friends but not me. He's allowed his friends to talk disresecpt about me inferring of me without really caring. I've also read things he and his friends wrote regarding to me and it didn't sound like someone they really resecpted.he's raised a stool at me while I was pregnant with his child, called me lazy to me and his friends when I was pregnant and feeling nausea so I slept a lot. Had absolutely no understanding on what I was going through nor did he care really to try and find out. Thing I want to know is why does he gave resecpt for his male friends and family but not me? Am I disgusting because I'm a woman or white? I don't cheat, don't drink out go out so why? I've actually worked to pay our rent and food for a year and he still had no job just little things here and there. And I'm lazy? While I'm pregnant? Egger does his resecpt for his male friends and family come from? And why don't I deserve it?