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En route to Bradford for a charity show after spending a lovely day in the Birmingham

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  1. and @chatbible (and

    Posted by Chris on 9th Aug 2016

    and @chatbible (and even the @tweewisemen) and it has really cast a different, modern light on 2000 year old events. Many on my friends have commented/talked to me about posts I have retweeted, many of whom would not usually be open to talking about such &qts&;mythotquou; (as one friend described it)...it really is possible to do theology in 140 characters!

  2. How interesting. I h

    Posted by Nenk on 16th May 2015

    How interesting. I have been looikng for a way in which to resolve a deep felt sense of injustice following an unprofessional comment made to me and my partner following a Distinctions Day in Bath. There then followed a series of events related to the same person whenever we met at a Worksop. I was singled out for very unfair comment when presenting a Portfolio. Despite my polite and professional email representations- I have been completely ignored- not one acknowedgement or agreement to meet and discuss the improper unprofessional comments. How do remove this sense of injustice and obtain a positive professional response.?